Sectional Garage Doors

Over recent years the popularity of the sectional door has increased. Its thermal insulation and superior security make it a popular choice with home owners. A wide range of designs, finishes and colours mean there is a sectional door to suit every property, modern or traditional.

As well as its intended purpose, the garage now has a wide range of uses. Rather than a storage space, garages are regularly incorporated into the home and utilised for uses such as an office, a playroom, an extra bedroom, workshop or a gym – all of which would benefit from the installation of a sectional garage door.

Sectional garage doors feature sturdy rubber weather seals on all sides of the door to help retain heat and keep the elements outside. Aside from being practical, our range of sectional garage doors are easy on the eye and come in a variety of maintenance free finishes, styles, designs and colours, including ribbed and panelled variations.

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